The BTEC Basquiat Podcast covers music, architecture, design, art and fashion in a non-pretentious or gatekeeping way. I was tasked with creating a full rebrand for the podcast, with the brief requesting it have a handmade feel to the aesthetic with inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat's own work, in a similar style to their previous branding.
They required assets for the podcasts Spotify, Apple Music & Acast pages but social media content was the most vital. For every episode that is released, BTEC Basquiat post visual references for everything they talk about during the podcast. I decided to create a colour reference for the topic areas discussed on the pod (with the colours sampled from Basquiat's 'Boxer Rebellion 1982-83'). These colours will then be used on the visual references, alongside hand painted backgrounds and collage style images. I wanted the yellow and blue colours to feature prominently as these were the core colours of the previous branding, I feel it was key to ensure there was an aesthetic transition in the styling.