MadeBetter is a project which involved producing a mobile app that aims to support individuals who want to cook from scratch but lack the time or culinary skills. The app looks at reconsidering how a recipes method is laid out, through disassembling the method in to clear and simple steps before reapplying it to three rings. Each ring represents a different process in the kitchen (e.g. food prep), and separates the stages to provide a visual understanding of the instructions that are easier to understand and therefore less intimidating for the user. Allowing the process to be visualised and interpreted in a more realistic chronological order. 
The app breaks down every recipe in to three difficulty levels, allowing each recipe to be easily tackled while encouraging development of culinary knowledge and a practical understanding of technique and ingredient development. Each difficulty is clearly indicated through a coloured halftone, weaved through the apps colour scheme.
The app aims to encourage competition to promote learning with others through the use of a weekly goal feature. This allows you to notify friends once you've completed a recipe, as well as view their weekly recipe choices to provide inspiration and encourage discussion.