'The 12th Man' is my second year self directed major project, looking at the impact football has on communities, supporting both groups and individuals, as well as how local neighbourhoods have worked to back small traditional clubs in London. 
Throughout my project I contacted and visited Enfield Town as well as a selection of Crystal Palace's 'Palace for Life' charity programmes, capturing the events through documentary photography. Then, through the use of typography and layout design, I used the edited photography to build a typographic photo book, presenting the individuals passion for the sport and their community.
However to develop this further I wanted to provide an interactive connection between the viewer and the content, ensuring that a far deeper relationship can be constructed between those reading the book and the individuals I photographed. I choose to do this by creating my own collectible series of football stickers, aiming to present the people I have seen as heroes just like with the stickers many of us had as children.
I have used a combination of 3D modelling, topography, typography, layout design, photography, illustration and map design as well as a significant amount of research and planning to achieve this final piece. I believe all the elements work together in order to present both the individual locations, neighbourhoods and boroughs as well as the individuals and activities within them.